Inner Peace Day 253: Ben 6

I highly recommend the Mayan Messages/Theresa Crabtree. They have a way of conveying spiritual messages sans dogma, fluff, or lectures. There is no new-age lingo. It’s very well written, the editor is wonderful, or she is an editor herself.

Taking to heart the these daily messages–I bought the book for a reasonable price–has changed my life for the better. I am in a better place. Thanks for the help! Thanks for helping me learn to contact my Higher Self! I was always wondering how to do that simplified!

Mayan Messages

INNER PEACE   We would like to encourage you to go within daily. There is no more important activity that you can do each day, besides breathing and eating!

There are many health benefits associated with meditation and daily prayer.

PHYSICALLY, you will experience health benefits as you relax and relieve stress. As you work through problems, you will become better equipped to handle stressors as they emerge.

MENTALLY, you will become more alert and focused.

EMOTIONALLY, you will learn to balance yourself in all situations, regaining your composure more easily.

SPIRITUALLY, this is the most important practice to remain consciously connected to Source.

Whenever you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, off-center or need clear answers, take time to go within.

Train yourself to instantly go into a relaxed state of consciousness. This comes with practice, but is well worth the effort when it comes to helping you achieve a sense of well-being.

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Connection to Source: Day 243, Akbal 9

Lovely as usual.

Mayan Messages

CONNECTION TO SOURCE   As you clear blockages from the electrical circuits in your body, your ability to tune into God Source, your Higher Self and Spirit Guides will increase. Know that every moment in your life, you are at the wheel.

You have the free will to choose the emotions and events you wish to experience. Although you are somewhat hampered due to the rules of your universe and interactions with other Beings, you still choose how to react in every situation. We suggest you work diligently to increase your ability to love all Beings and experiences unconditionally, without any form of judgment. Allow all to be.

Just as you are desirous of the ability to express your free will to do what you choose, allow others the same freedom. Be careful not to judge the choices of others, for you do not know the full reasoning behind their choices…

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Lisa Gawles – Kundalini, Energy Surges and You – 7-14-14

Lovely blog with endless spirituality going on.

Higher Density Blog


Lisa Gawles

There is a massive surge happening across our precious planet and moving thru everyone’s body in one way or another.  I am getting a surge in emails about folks experiencing kundalini right now.  Take a moment and celebrate this sacred event within the body… then integrate it!!  It seems to be activated in many different ways, but I do want to address one in particular here.  The touch of a stranger!

There are many ways kundalini can become ignited within the body system and the innocent connection with another is huge.  I say innocent for a reason, I am not a fan of purposeful activation’s, because the body has its own timer and knows best when the whole body and mind is ready for such an experience.  Otherwise it is like trying to bake a cake with the oven forced to the broil temperature.  It may get baked…

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